Charlton R. Baker

I have known Jamaal Abdul-Ali for 50 years and during this time I have watched, witnessed and participated in some of his spiritual growth. Mr Ali, has always sought to enlighten his Inner Spiritual Self( ISS) and be educated by Living Life ! Honored to have been touched by his loving spirit and vibration of Life ! Peace”

Charlton R. BakerFounder/CEO, C. Ray Baker & Associates
Melvin K. Pelzer

The Jamaal Ali Experience is like no other. Jamaal has a way of engaging and moving the audience with his superlative levels of tonality that audiences have this twinkle in their eyes of change!! Jamaal is very passionate about his mission and vision of encouraging, nurturing and demanding that you have that TOP GUN attitude and swag whether it’s Corporate America, regular 9-5 ,Small Business Owners,etc. Jamaal definitely inspires you to soar like an eagle and not cluck as chickens do!! I will forever be changed by Jamaal Eagles vs. Chickens presentation.

Melvin K. PelzerDirector Of Sales, Biz Assist LLC
Dr. Sonia Noel Philanthropist

I met Jamaal a few years ago at Motivating The Masses in Atlanta. The first thing I noticed about him was his attire, he was impeccably dressed and his carriage was amazing. I’ve been in the fashion industry for two decades so when people stand out I notice. I got a chance to witness Jamaal in action at an all women’s conference where he was the only male speaker. I was totally captivated by his presentation and so were the other women. I truly believe that God has a special purpose for Jamaal’s life and that is to inspire and motivate the world.

Dr. Sonia Noel PhilanthropistInternational Fashion Designer, Sonia Noel Foundation For Creative Arts
L.A. Roberts

Jamaal Abdul-Ali is a phenomenal speaker and coach. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Abdul-Ali and he is very knowledgeable and personable. He commands attention in any room he enters and speaks with authority.

L.A. RobertsCEO. Transformationsl Speaker/Coach, L.A. Roberts Speaks
Micca Watkins

Jamaal is a dynamic speaking who knows how to hold the audience’s attention when he is in front of them. He will definitely leave your audience feeling inspired.

Micca WatkinsOwner Entrepreneur, Micca Watkins
Monica D. Reed

Jamaal is a very professional speaker. He has a way of captivating the audience. He message was strong, powerful and one of the most profound messages that I have ever heard.

Monica D. ReedFounder CEO, My Marriage Matters
Cheri Maree

Jamaal Abdul-Ali delivers his message with intellect, charm and well-placed humor. His inspirational story not only entertained us, it also gave us hope.

Cheri MareeInternational Recording Artist/Songwriter/Author/Vocal Lberator



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