Jamaal has parlayed his gift for coaching and training where effective communication is essential into his passion for speaking.

World Class Signature Keynotes

Chicken and Eagles

This educational, humorous and eye opening keynote is designed to teach you many principles that when applied consistently will lift your life to new heights far above the clouds of mediocrity just like the Eagle.

What Makes The Great Great

This enlightening, powerful and high energy keynote is designed to elevate the participant to his or her greatest heights by revealing some of the key components the world’s greatest achievers possess and apply in their daily lives.


Passionate, powerful and persuasive, Jamaal draws on his vast life experiences to connect with his audience to move them into the action required to transform their lives. Motivation is good, Inspiration is better but Transformation is best. As he says, “if nothing changes then nothing changes’.

A lifelong athlete Jamaal played basketball and football on the collegiate level followed by two professional football tryouts. He also coached Basketball on the little league, Jr High and High School level and went on the create a Basketball skill set training business where he worked with both male and female athletes in group and one on one sessions. There he was able to teach the essential skills and finer points of the game he loves so well. All this at the tender age of 50. Throw in the position of Assistant Athletic Director and the sports circle is complete.

Jamaal has parlayed his gift for coaching and training where effective communication is essential into his passion for speaking. But make no mistake, speaking is not just about talking to people, it’s about connecting with them on a deeper level and solving problems. Everybody communicates but very few connect. Jamaal is a super sharp, energetic, charismatic master communicator. If there is no communication there is no influence. If there is no influence you can’t address and help solve the myriad of problems we are facing. Especially in today’s world where too much of the wrong influence is ever-present.

Jamaal knows all to well about the wrong influence. Though he never graduated from University Jamaal says he has his Masters and Ph.D. from the school of real hard knocks. Going from a promising star athlete to a star drug addict he has seen first hand the devastating effects drugs and alcohol have on our society. Close to overdosing on two occasions, Jamaal was able to go “cold turkey” and has been drug and alcohol-free for over 25 years. He has an amazing story to tell and he’s on a mission to share it with the world. You can learn more of his story from his Amazon Best Seller “From Broke To Bentley: My Journey to success.”

Jamaal says, “he’s turned his mess into his message”

My commitment is to excellence and maximizing the human potential starting with myself and then all those I come in contact with. Together we can, together we will and together we must make a positive difference in the world.

Remember, time and the right amount of pressure turns caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds.

Let the transformation begin…




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